Eagles,Sixers,Phillies (@philly_news_updates) September 2017

Giants lose 24-10. My prediction was off by one fucking point😂😭 but anyways after watching this game I really think Eagles r gonna have a great game next week. Ik Giants will be desperate for a win but eagles will be too because there gonna want to win their home opener. Reasons I think eagles will win next week is because the Giants O-line is horrible. Eli has gotten sacked 8 times this year and the eagles defense has been kicking ass this year. Odell didn't do anything in his debut getting 36 yards so that's a good sign for us. I'm excited for next weeks game but never underestimate Manning but I have a good feeling about next weeks game! #FlyEaglesFly #eaglesnation #eagles #giantssuck #giantslost #odellsucks #carsonwentz