Andreas Arlt (@djcologneandy) September 2017

#Technofamily #facebookgroup #mixcloudsupport #soundcloudartists #samplepacks #news around all in the #dj and #producerlife and the #edmfamily also #edmhumor and all other and often the chance to get your tracks in my mixes if i like them and many more #plur #life #hardtechno #cologneandy #frechen #technoforever #technoliebe #derbassmussficken #schranz #detroit #berghain #phutureclub #ibiza #followforfollow Join it now at Thats my Group and its not just another Technogroup its my little Techno family . As Technolover since da 90ies i will post much classic Tunes and i also make this Group to starting something new whats my idea since 2015. What i dont want here is hate against EDM its ok if you dont love the music but here is the Place for Love,so be friendly and like a Real Techno Family like we know it from the older Days. Technolovers from Around the Globe are Welcome. Feel Free to share your new techno stuff with the Group. No Spamers allowed . Support the other Techno addics and get the same Supportback Listen 4 Listen or maybe to Exchange Suppport in ways like use Family members tunes in a mix for example- Also i want this as place to exchange every kind of things around techno. Maybe you wanna search a new techno producer,a dj or vocalist, what ever here should be the place to connect the Techno World and all my friends i found in my time as Cologneandy Time 2 be not just another one Techno Group. We only life once so lets get back 2 da old Days. Support your local DJs . Fakepeople who be detected in faking anything i will kick out of this Group, Im one of the Truest Souls in the Family and i hate nothing more then People who just use other for his own growing and never support other ones. I Regulary will share some detected Fakers or mixcloud bots or fakecomment makers here. Also all stuff like which Radio is worth a try or you should maybe never should join!! Heres the place to get my Real Shit around everything in the TechnoWorld . My total True meanings of tracks,clubs,events,mixes and more.