(@yellowrobin777) October 2017

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater - Falcon Falls - Cocoparra National Park NSW walked up to the falls yesterday there was no water which was no surprise given how dry it has been, no Peregrine Falcon either, although I could see the white stains on the cliff face so perhaps he was out hunting. An absolutely beautiful spot, the rocks had patches of moss and lichen and the birds were singing and chasing each other. A lot of the Eucalypts were heavy with blossoms, such a magical place. There were quite a few of these beautiful honeyeaters singing their rather strange but melodious song. #spinycheekedhoneyeater #birds_adored #eye_spy_birds #bestbirdshots #sassy_birds #ip_birds #birds_captures #bird_brilliance #birdsofaustralia #perfect_birds #pocket_birds