Kirsten (@yogabieni) October 2017

L E T i T G O. letting go of things, thoughts, emotions, people, situations, memories etc. is so hard... but it’s necessary and liberating! • this morning I had a really negative experience which affected my mood so quickly, brought up anger and frustration. • I felt misunderstood, mistreated, dehumanized and not seen. • the situation was hard for me to take in and handle. being super sensitive and feeling a lot is so hard sometimes and brings me to tears easily. • but that’s how our society, our world and especially the corporate world works today... I wish it would be different and I wish people wouldn’t have to deal with all the stress and pressure put on them every day! • maybe one day in the future (hopefully soon! ) employees will be seen as humans again, humans who have feelings, who have a private life, a family, hobbies, stuff they care about! • life is meant to be living, to be enjoying, to being healthy, to being fun, to being kind and caring about their fellow other humans, animals, plants, our environment! • but for now...I’m going to a yoga class to feel better and cut all that negative shit out!! • I’m sharing this because maybe I’m not the only one out there feeling this way and because I believe in sharing and in community and social media to be real!!! • • • • • • • • • • #letgo #cutthatnegativebullshitout #letitallout #ranting #sometimesthatsallyouneed #sharing #caring #community #kindness #love #letsmakethisworldabetterplace #goodvibesonly