Nicole Doumont (@nicoledoumont) November 2017

Never STOP! No matter how slow you are moving! KEEP GOING 💪 Last week I lost 8 lbs... This week I'm up two from my small carb refeed Monday! It's all part of the process!!! Every Day is different! Every Week is different! Every Month is different! Every Year is different! We have to keep learning, Growing and moving forward 👊 This is why I do 4, 6, 8 & 12 Week live and learn about me, myself and I! No one is perfect! No program is perfect! We have to role with the punches as we go through our journey! If we quit we know the end result 🤔 SET GOALS GRIND FINISH STRONG LEVEL UP #keep #going #move #forward #set #goals #grind #finish #strong #levelup #ketostrong #wordstoliveby